Monday, January 28, 2013

electric aesthetic

Today, OMD unveiled the eye catching cover art to their forthcoming album "English Electric". Peter Saville, legendary Factory design guru, has stroked a few electronic brushes to come up with another striking visual that reflects on the past and points to the future. It's sleek, Modernist and yet, fittingly retro. Recently, OMD memeber Andy McCluskey revealed that "English Electric" is best described as reductive (nods to Madonna) as possible while still maintaining a current sound and aesthetic. So too, does Mr. Saville's cover art reflect that. Perhaps half jokingly, Andy has said the he feels it is appropriate that the sleeve of their new longplayer is a contemporary distillation of traditional hazard signals. "English Electric" will hit the "shops" on April 8. It will be available in several formats including a standard CD in a jewel case (very retro!), deluxe edition CD with a bonus DVD, heavy weight vinyl LP in a die cut sleeve (even MORE retro!) and a massive, tin box set. While the deluxe edition will feature a studio interview, three Henning M. Lederer animated videos and unseen tour photos, the vinyl version will also include the standard album in a cardboard sleeve neatly tucked into the elpee packaging. I'm splashing my cash on the box set which will include an exclusive 7" single featuring an unreleased b-side, a sixteen page lyric booklet, the standard CD, DVD, a CD of demos, three artwork prints and a photo of Andy and Paul. If you pre-order the box set from their website, as I have today, you will also receive two enamel badges. Triple retro points! They are sure to find a happy home on my demin jacket.

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