Tuesday, October 16, 2012

step into Christmas

Now that all the whining and whinging is over, let's get back to what Steps do best. Time for a cracking pop song.

"Light Up The World" is the first new Steps track since their useless cover of "Dancing Queen" when the reformed last year after a ten year break. Their latest, the title track of their forthcoming, Christmas themed longplayer, is a gorgeous, widescreen pop bauble.

Thankfully, they haven't messed with their formula with some jittery electronic track with a dubstep breakdown. "Light Up The World" keeps them firmly stood in the tradition of classic pop songwriting.

The single will hit the "shops" on October 22 while its parent album will be released on November 22. All of this will be heralded by a brand new Christmas tour of the UK and the launch of a completely unnecessary fragrance called "Guilty Pleasure". I wonder if it smells like Lee's sweaty jockstrap.


  1. Lol!
    We can only hope, but if GaGa didn't manage to put seed&blood smell into hers, I don't think we will be lucky with Lee's

  2. Oh Vinny, that would NOT entice me to purchase their fragrance. Now, "H" on the other hand...