Saturday, August 11, 2012

born to run

Enigmatic songstress and national treasure Kate Bush has had her busiest year in recent memory. After six years between "Aerial" and "Director's Cut", her collection of select reworkings from across her towering catalog, Lady Kate delivered "50 Words For Snow", her second longplayer in a year.

Now, she continues to revisit past tracks with a reswizzling of "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)", arguably one of her most beloved singles in her repertoire. Apparently, it is part of a one-two marketing punch.

Firstly, rumor has it Kate will make a rare appearance at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London this Sunday. Sources close to Kate suggest she will perform her iconic track in front of a newly filmed video featuring Jude Law as the backdrop.

Secondly, a little bird has revealed to me that Kate will be updating her one and only singles collection, "The Whole Story", this fall.

"The Whole Story Revisited" will expand the original tracklisting to feature all of her singles up through this year topped off with the new mix of "RUTH". The song selection for the retrospective has not been revealed yet.

Online retailers briefly featured a snippet of the track on their sites earlier in the week. To these ears, it didn't sound much different from the original which appeared on her groundbreaking longplayer, "Hounds Of Love", from 1985.

The original version of "RUTH" peaked at #3 on the UK singles chart while it also marked Kate's only appearance in the Top 40 of the US singles chart where it reached #30. The new mix will hit the "shops" on August 12, the date of the closing ceremony.


  1. Running Up That Hill and Cloudbusting are peaks in Kate's career for me. Like Peter Gabriel, she embraced the New Wave and adapted her sound to be placed well alongside the era's contemporaries.

  2. As much as I enjoyed "Hounds Of Love," and its attendant singles, I have to admit that Claudia Brücken and Andrew Poppy now own this song for me. Still, if she performs at the closing, KB fans will be furious for missing the opportunity to see her live, eh?