Friday, June 8, 2012

the sound of music

The mighty Saint Etienne are about to unleash, "I Got Your Music", the second single from their brand new longplayer, the unwieldy titled "Words And Music By Saint Etienne".

It's another jaunty, synthy number which shimmers with all the dancefloor euphoria they whipped up for their previous platter, "Tonight".

The 12" single and digital download configurations feature one remix each from Golden Filter and Leo Zero, as well as "Dominion Tiles", a previously unreleased track.

The 7" single is backed with a demo of "Lullaby" which was recorded during the sessions for their current elpee.

Unfortunately, an old school extended version is not on the cards. Such a shame since the extended excursion of "Tonight" was such a gorgeous treat.

 "I Got Your Music" will hit the "shops" on June 25. A full review of their beautiful, new longplayer will follow shortly.

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