Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wired for sound

Hue And Cry, the brotherly duo of Pat and Greg Kane, have always been one of my favorites. They returned to the pop fray in 2008 with "Open Soul".

Now, they follow up that longplayer with "Hot Wire", their 13th studio album on March 19. A week earlier, they will issue "Duty To The Debtor", the first funky single from the elpee. And they've just lensed a video for the track.

Full on Crescent City soul with a splash of Stevie Wonder and a dash of Sly And The Family Stone. I swear I can hear Allen Toussaint weaving his magic inside the grooves. The boys have even managed to slide in an old school New Orleans style brass band toward the end. Just my cup of java!

The official tracklisting for "Hot Wire" includes the following ten tracks.

1. Duty To The Debtor
2. Little Man
3. Hand And Heart
4. Fail You Better
5. If You Want Changes
6. Summer Head/Daze
7. Carlos Takes The Fall
8. I Can Have It All
9. Irreversible Situation
10. Darkness Falls

If you're a obsessive fan like I am, then you will wanna splash some cash on the deluxe edition collector's box set which comes with loadsastuff! Limited to 1,000 copies, this unique collection includes "Hot Wire" on a gold coated CD and heavyweight vinyl in addition to two bonus tracks including "Tell Me" and "The Thing Is...". Plus, a CD single of "Duty To The Debtor", with an edited and remixed version of the track, will feature among all the bonus goodies.

Pat and Greg have even managed to put together a DVD featuring a video documentary which gives a unique insight into the process of producing an album including the writing, recording and mixing of the music as well as the creation of the artwork for the packaging.

As if that wasn't enough to tempt fans into purchasing the deluxified edition of "Hot Wire", H&C have included the official promotional video for the "Duty To The Debtor" with a special 5.1 remix of the track. In addition, there is a fly on the wall feature of the song being recorded featuring an interactive multi angle experience where the viewer can choose what to watch. The DVD ties up nicely with a personal video message from the band. These guys know how to please their fans!

Rounding out the ultimate collector's set are a booklet of song lyrics, lithographic print, keyring, bumper sticker, badge and a certificate of authenticity hand signed by the boys. They've putted out all the stops! Get yours now before they're gone!