Saturday, July 11, 2009

Inauguration Day

Another music blog. Just what the internet needed.

Seriously speaking - or typing, as the case may be - it has taken me a while and a tremendous amount of prodding to reach this point as it pertains to my relationship with music. Things often come full circle. Some circles may overlap. Simultaneously, all circles bring you everywhere and nowhere. So I've either arrived or haven't reached my destination. Or both.

In some form or another, I've always approached music from a communal POV. We all have those selfish moments when our favorite band goes mainstream and we feel abandoned. Secretly, we're all hoping for a little common ground with each other. And that's what music provides. So why not share it from the start? The internet is the perfect vehicle for turning people on, musically speaking.

As a kid, I used to share my favorite singles with friends by making little C60 cassette mixtapes. I was the crazy kid who walked through the high school corridors with a Walkman clipped to my waist and a Billboard magazine tucked under my arm. In my teenage years, I extolled the virtues of ABBA by writing and running their American newsletter. I have the paper cut scars to prove it!

In college, I ran the university's radio station to the point of infringing on the listening audience of some of the major, metro, commercial stations. This was before the music biz raped Nirvana and buried the alternative music format with the remains of Kurt Cobain. That event happened to coincide with me securing my first email account. The internet started making inroads and the music, media and entertainment businesses arrived at yet another crossroads.

As a marketing director, entertainment exec, producer and songwriter for close to 20 years, my mission to bring music to the masses has continued unabated, whether it is someone else's creation or my own.

Throughout it all, it seemed as if I was listening to the sound of one hand clapping. I've always been such a tremendous fan of music and there were very few outlets for me to share it with people. Sure, there was the odd friend or two, but never a sense of community around it. 

My tastes were, and still are, decidedly European in flavor. Melody is paramount. The pelvis is a priority. The two don't necessarily need to meet. Rhythm is the power but it doesn't always require a disco seance. But when the music moves me, whether its arrow is aimed at the heart or the feet, that's all that matters.

Now, through the magic of the internet, I can bang on incessantly about the sights and sounds that tickle my fancy and excite my soul. And if you get that reference, you're not only twisted, you're in the right place.

Welcome to my little corner of the musical universe. Pull up a chair. Make yourself comfortable. Pour yourself a cold glass of lemonade. Have a ladyfinger. The message is perfectly simple. The meaning is clear. Don't ever stray too far. And don't disappear.



  1. I know we would have been pals in high school.

  2. I have a champagne bottle and I'm cracking it NOW. Ooh, it's fizzing all over the place!

  3. @ XOLondon
    Pour me a glass! Heck, make it two. Thanks!

  4. @ Kev
    You know we would've been! That was then. So let's be pals now.